I am a team player. My fundamental belief is that a good team can achieve great things. A good team of people with good skills that functions well together can accomplish more than a group of people with superior skills that aren’t able to work together.

I help teams achieve their potential by:

  • Respecting people
  • Continuously improving
  • Staying focussed

The above applies regardless of what I am doing – managing a programme team, leading an software engineering team, coaching a teaching team, or just playing in a band.

Right now I am an agile programme manager specialising on major programmes that rely on software as an agent of change. My extensive experience of agile software development inspired my agile approach to programme delivery.

In my spare time I write It’s a Delivery Thing – my blog on the art of leading software development teams, projects and programmes.

Some of my accomplishments are:

  • Harnessed social media technology to increase collaboration and efficiency in BBC News – BBC Journalism Portal. Journalism Portal helped break down the silos amongst the 12,000 BBC journalists spread around the globe. Journalism Portal was used to plan the biggest BBC News event of our times – the London 2012 Olympics.
  • Led the web engineering team of 105 that developed the first version of the BBC’s catch up TV offering – BBC iPlayer
  • Delivered the BBC’s live and on demand video coverage of the UK’s national political institutions – BBC Democracy Live. Involved 70 people in 10 organisations across five countries. Winner of the Media Guardian Innovation Award for Best Use of Web Platforms
  • Delivered a range of shrink-wrapped internet security products for a successful start up – MailMarshal, WebMarshal