The agile programme manager approach combines key elements of traditional programme management and agile delivery. Applying traditional approaches to leading programmes can stifle the team’s ability to deliver quickly. The agile methods, such as Scrum, can help accelerate delivery but lack the mechanisms necessary to run large programmes – a gap that can be filled by traditional approaches.

APgM - Three Major Threads
APgM – Three Major Threads

The agile programme manager approach weaves together three major threads and six facets.

APgM - Six Facets
APgM – Six Facets


Programmes are fundamentally about organisational change. Whether that means creating new products or services, generating greater revenue, or driving out efficiencies the aim is to transform the organisation.

Clear Vision: Clear vision propels successful organisational change. The agile programme manager helps the client shape a clear vision of the future state.

Real Benefits: Organisations only realise the desired benefits through change and conversely sustained change is only possible if if benefits are seen to be realised. The agile programme manager delivers those benefits, early and often, to demonstrate real progress and enable the organisation to take advantage of the enhanced capability as early as possible.


Both the world and business objectives change so throughout its lifetime a programme must stay aligned with the evolving organisational strategy.

Agile Governance: Good governance ensures the programme creates value while staying aligned with corporate strategy. The agile programme manager ensures the governance decisions are made at the appropriate level to enable the programme to be responsive to changing priorities such as changing management goals, market trends and legislative demands.

Active Change Leadership: The critical human or ‘soft’ elements of change are central to successful organisational transition. The agile programme manager enables the leadership necessary to manage the transition from current to desired organisational state.


A successful programme team must adapt to the events as they unfold.

Incremental Delivery: The incremental delivery of agile brings the speed and responsiveness necessary to deliver in a timely fashion. The agile programme manager delivers everything in the programme – technology, business capability, and benefits – incrementally. Incremental delivery enables the programme team, sponsors and other stakeholders to learn and act on that learning and increase the benefits of the programme.

Robust Risk Management: Robust risk management enables the agile programme manager to progress relentlessly in the complex, changing programme environment.